Office Hours: Week Four – Competition Analysis & Developmental Planning

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  • I have around 5-6 wrestlers on my team that are at much higher level technically than the rest of the team . They wrestle year round with me and at local wrestling clubs. I have about 15 wrestlers that are returning from last year and have a fairly decent grasp of the basics. The other 15-20 guys are practically brand new with little or no wrestling experience up until this preseason, so we have been hitting the fundamentals hard the first few weeks , however I feel like my better guys , the ones that are putting the time in , are not getting as much out of practice as they could be due to the pace we have to teach at. I know you have touched on this but how much do you gear your practices to the elite kids in your room as opposed to the kids just coming out for wrestling for the first time? 
  • How to deal with a crowded practice room…

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