Week Twelve – Setting Up FB Profiles, Pages, and Events

Topic Progress:

Q & A:

  • How do you keep HWTs from getting Head Locked when hand Fighting and Looking for Front Headlocks?
  • Really like your in-season strength training program! Quick question: Why do you choose to focus on heavy deadlifts every Monday (as opposed to mixing in heavy squats or cleans)?
  • Could you show the technique, drills and coaching points you use when you teach your guys to: 1) Deal with an opponent’s shin whizzer 2) Get good, grinding, forward pressure on top right off the whistle (with a tight waist and a chop or any other hold)

Week 12: Setting Up FB Profiles

Week 12: Setting Up FB Pages

Week 12: Setting Up FB Events

Week 12:

Week 12: Bonus – Side Chop Drill
(Beat Cross Wrist)

Week 12: Bonus – Stand Up
Chop Drill

Week 12: Bonus – Clearing the Cross Wrist

Week 12: Bonus
Q & A #2